Angel Academy

by Vicki Watson in Art in Italy
I have just recently arrived back in New Zealand after spending 5 weeks in Florence, Italy.  Four of those weeks were attending the Angel Academy Summer School in Florence, studying Caravaggio and Portrait Painting. 
A wonderful experience meeting many people from different parts of the world and learning the Angel Academy Techniques and in particular Caravaggio’s with the wonderful assistance and instruction from Inga Loyev our teacher.
Being able to paint full time for 4 weeks was like being in heaven, I didn’t want it to stop and having the time to spend just concentrating on your art was amazing.  I was surprised how your eye became so attuned when doing art for the constant period of time. 
I have put the art work on my web site but probably a bit premature as they need finishing and varnishing but will replace final photos when complete.  Now I am motivated to paint so much more.  Just have to find the time now I am back home.

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