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Angel Academy

I have just recently arrived back in New Zealand after spending 5 weeks in Florence, Italy.  Four of those weeks were attending the Angel Academy Summer School in Florence, studying Caravaggio and Portrait Painting.    A wonderful experience meeting many people from different parts of the world and learning the Angel Academy Techniques and in… read more

Starting a Painting

I have nearly finished a painting of roses and a friend on viewing the painting said, “how do you start, I mean how do you draw the roses”. When we start our painting sure we can splash paint about, but we also need to be able to draw. There are many aids to help you… read more

Angel of Oneto

I sketched the “Angel of Oneto” last weekend in pastels.   This is not finished yet with a bit of tidying up on the hand.  I am going to do a series of paintings of the Angel.  It’s on my bucket list to travel to Genoa  to view the Angel in the Cemetery of Staglieno.

Auckland tornado

Auckland experienced a severe Tornado yesterday. Three people were killed and another seven admitted to hospital. We do not usually experience such severe weather in these parts. Many people have been left homeless. My heart goes out to people who suffered loss of loved ones.